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The Red Paintings – The Revolution Is Never Coming album review

3974888_redpaintings_240Part band, part art collective, part audience experience, The Red Paintings are known for their evocative and crazy stage shows and impassioned performances. Incorporating actual live painting and art pieces during their concerts, the band puts on a multi-media, genre hopping spectacle for their live audience. But how to translate that to the recorded sphere?

Their debut full-length album, The Revolution Is Never Coming, is a sprawling and frenetic journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape, going from hard rock to punk to heavy electronic to indie and back, all while telling a story of worlds won and lost, and battles over before a shot is even fired. Singer Trash McSweeney’s vocals jump from a sweet whisper to a harsh battle cry in the blink of an eye, telling of children’s fables and alien invasions, of revolutions and resignation. The schizophrenic sound can be jarring at times, but it all ends up fitting together in a strange and wondrous way; the clashing sounds and structures grate against each other to create a friction that unites everything. The closing eponymous track, “The Revolution Is Never Coming”, goes through multiple movements and modes, from spooky atmosphere to brash boasting, and ending on a cacophonous apocalypse.

Never coasting on a simple groove or well-turned riff, The Red Paintings’ The Revolution Is Never Coming is a fantastic debut, telling worlds of story just in the music. Imagine the dimensions and insanity the live show will add. It would be an experience not to be missed. The band is currently on tour, and the album is available NOW from all online and physical music stores. Check out more information at

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