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Weekly Featured Band: City Line

City Line compromises very little in their quest to achieve a sound that not even they can adequately identify. Comprised of the bastard sons of a notorious, working-class town, chasing the ghosts of rock and roll past, they set their sights solely on playing songs that are unabashed in their passion and entirely too loud. Fronted by the chatty and charismatic Mike Mitchell, City Line has yet to find exactly what they’ve sought out, but then again, the band isn’t necessarily sure what that might be. One thing is known, though, they hope to destroy a hotel room in a postal district near you in the not-to-distant future. So, please, take listen, take heed, bring friends, and make your self a drink, because City Line is praying for a raucous, bumpy ride.

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Corporate Hearts


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The Stabcast Show 4

•Santoro continues to demonstrate his knowledge as a fine teacher in sexual education, while working in real-life examples!
•Matt, from rock band The Friendship Lounge, calls in to talk about their upcoming shows, and they may have hired Santoro as a bassist.
•The truth is revealed in regards to last week’s interview with Pat from The Domino Theory. Jonesy evened the score for the Stabcast, and now the battle wages on.
•Self described high-speed trainwreck, tranny-lover, and stand up comic Danny Ozark calls in, and basically blows away the Stabcast. Or he was just on blow. Listen and find out!

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