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July 4

american flagEveryone at stabcast.com would like to take a minute to thank those that have fought for our independence over the years.  You are the reason we can do whatever it is that we do here.  Thank you.

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Stickam news. You will be missed.

It is with much sadness that we are announcing that we will no longer be
broadcasting on Stickam. We will still be broadcasting live Saturdays from
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET, but not on Stickam. You can watch the live show by
coming directly to http://stabcast.com during the times listed above.

This news comes as a result of Stickam announcing that they will shutdown
all operations at midnight.

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Mixtapes – Even on the Worst Nights – a music review

This review will be short…the reason you ask? I loved the record, and if you like fast paced pop-punk music with amazing harmonies, you will too.

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Santoro prank calls Subway Restaurant and asks how much it is to ride the subway

The title pretty much speaks for itself. For some reason one of my go-to bits is calling a Subway Restaurant and pretending it’s a subway train station.  Take a listen.

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Show 217

Matthew and Santoro host the show and Jordan from Robots and Racecars sits in. Topics include the real reason the Mayan’s stopped at 2012, what alcohol candy taste like, a ball eating fish, fake news about the show, guessing song titles and starting a band. Jordan and Matt perform a song.

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Audio Stream


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#1 on Stickam

A very special thank you to the 4,027 Stickam viewers that watched our replay on Christmas Eve.  Here are our rankings for that day:

#1 in Stickam’s Live StreamRank for Radio (#14 for the week, #7 for the month, #39 all time)
#7 most watched radio show (#21 for the week, #17 for the month, #20 all time)

#16 overall show in Stickam’s Live StreamRank
#17 most watched show (#83 for the month and we moved up 1 and are now the 55th most watched show of all time)

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Thursdays of Steel: iSteel

Let’s get techy on this weeks Thursdays of Steel. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some time to play with my recent tech acquisition; the iPhone. I know, I know… You’ve always looked at me as an Android guy, but even God toyed outside his domain.

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