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Bruce W calls Walmart and asks if they have a Subway

Bruce W calls Walmart and asks is they have a Subway station that he can take to get there. Does not sound like much, but the reaction is a good one.

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Lady Gets Mad When Santoro Asks For Roberto

I think I notice a theme with the recent group of calls that I have made…It’s always funny when people get mad.  Here I was put on the spot with this live prank call and just asked to talk to Roberto.  There is no Roberto there and that alone makes this clip great.  The bonus is the reaction that I get.   

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Life Is Short, Make Something Of It

It’s a new year and a new format for Stabcast.com. I can’t give you the Steel Tip guarantee that you’ve come to grow and love for the daily line up The Stabcast has ready to offer, but I can promise that blogs from Steel Tip on Thursday’s will be thing you can come and enjoy on a weekly basis; no questions asked. I’ll be like the post office, through rain, snow, sleet, hail, you name it, and I’ll post through it. Even the holidays. I will not promise that they’ll all be funny, even when their meant to be.

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