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unnamedOn the heels of their self titled digital EP release, Letters From The Fire have announced additional dates to their jam packed Fall schedule. This October, the Bay Area rock outfit will join the mighty POP EVIL on tour.

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unnamed (13)Bay Area hard rockers Letters From The Fire will unleash their self titled EP on August 19, 2014. Listeners can head on over to streaming megasite Purevolume to check it out now. With an early and impressive arrival on the charts with their version of the Beatles single “Eleanor Rigby” reaching #41 on Active Rock Radio and #11 on Under The Radar; the band is back at it again with their brand new single “Zombies In The Sun” at radio now.

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Balance and Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing Album Review

970608_10151787693411354_2047792467_nThe new album from suburban Philadelphia’s Balance and Composure, The Things We Think We’re Missing is an album that I was excited to be able to review. There was a great deal of hype for this record after the success of their previous release, Separation, so I was anxious to see if it would live up.
Upon even the first listen, there are obvious influences on this album. You can tell that the men in Balance and Composure all have copies of the later Thrice albums and Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me at home. The influence of 90’s alt rock and grunge has become sort of a trend lately, but these guys are doing their part to introduce that style of music to a new audience. That being said, some of the guitar work on this album is interesting. “Reflection” is a stand-out track, with powerful lyrics for the most part, but there are a few lyrics here and there that almost feel incomplete, but perhaps that was what they were going for. Overall though, the true gem of the album is “Keepsake”, which features the added vocals of Anthony Green.
Overall, if you’re a fan of their first album, you will enjoy this. If you’re a fan of Circa Survive, Thrice, Brand New, As Cities Burn or Daylight you may enjoy this album because it carries on the vibe of being uncomfortable.

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WARBRINGER launch first song off new album IV: Empires Collapse via Decibel

Following up on a successful appearance at Iron Maiden‘s “The Battle Of San Bernardino” event last weekend and in the light of the upcoming release of their fourth studio album, IV: Empires Collapse, on October 29 via Century Medias Records, Los Angeles based WARBRINGER are now debuting the first song from the album, “Hunter- Seeker.”

Check out “Hunter-Seeker” debut on Decibel Magazine‘s website:


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The Charm The Fury – A Shade of My Former Self – Album Review

charmshadeA Shade of My Former Self is an interesting title for a debut release. The Charm The Fury are a band from The Netherlands who are about to release their debut album, and show the metal scene what they are made of.
The songs on this release are very dark and powerful. The band draws influences from acts like Architects, UnderOATH and Every Time I Die, and the heaviness of all of those acts is present in these songs. Vocalist Caroline Westendorp knocks it out of the park with emotional lyrics and powerful delivery. The album also features guest vocals from metal vocalists Jamie Graham (Sylosis) and Daniel De Jongh (Textures), and Westendorp shows that she can hold it down among her peers, male or female. A standout track on the album is “Colorblind”, which is a song about equal rights. The vocals paired with the deep cutting lyrics are sure stir something up inside of crowds at shows. Overall the album is very intense without much of a break from the heavy stuff. This is a good introduction for this band into a scene where people are always seeking music to mosh to.
If you enjoy heavy music, this could be your new favorite band. The vocals and music are both delivered with the two things that are mentioned in the bandname, charm and fury.

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We Still Dream – “Something to Smile About” review

1Florida’s We Still Dream! merge new-school pop punk in the vein of The Wonder Years and Man Overboard with the punk-inspired pop and alternative rock that found its way onto airwaves in the ’90s.
There are several moments throughout “Something to Smile About” that are strongly reminiscent of bands like Lit, particularly on “Back to Then,” a song about simpler times spent skateboarding with friends that even employs some of those spoken-word-through-a-megaphone asides (“Oh shit, the cops!”) you rarely hear anymore.
Some of it works pretty well.
Album opener “Happily Never After” is a head-bobbing, Movielife-esque rocker with spot-on harmonies and some impressive drum work.
“So Much Worse” brings to mind “From Under the Cork Tree”-era Fall Out Boy, allowing vocalist Dustin Monk to show off his impressive range.
Meanwhile, closing track “Dissipate” has a darker quality that makes it sound like a lost track from Jimmy Eat World’s “Futures.”
Unfortunately, the band’s lyrics don’t live up to the standards of any of the aforementioned bands.
It’s not that they’re bad necessarily, just bland. Whereas The Wonder Years can take what would otherwise be a standard pop punk song and infuse it with a harrowing, ultra-detailed and extremely personal narrative, We Still Dream are content to deal in much more generalized and, as a consequence, more generic lyrics.
While the band’s overall aesthetic occasionally brings back memories of some of the great emo from the early ’00s (Taking Back Sunday, mid-period Saves the Day), the broad, at times cliched lyrics keep the album from rising above the level of audio wallpaper and make a clearly talented sound cookie-cutter.
That’s unfortunate, because the crisp production, hooky melodies and songs that alternate between galloping punk and mid-tempo power-pop could have made for a memorable summer record.
Instead, what we’re left with is an album that’s pleasant enough, but ultimately too light to leave a mark.
Here’s hoping the band is able to reach down a little deeper for the next record and come up with some more unique lyrics because there’s clearly potential here for something more interesting than simply inoffensive background music.

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The Brains – The Monster Within

PromoImage“The Monster Within” is the title of the brand new full-length by Montreal psychobilly band The Brains. The album features tight rhythms paired with smooth rockabilly vocals and choppy guitar parts. Psychobilly is not for every listener, but for those who are in to this kind of thing, this is certainly a good record.
It is always interesting to see where a band takes their sound in a genre that combines different styles of music. The Brains have lyrics that could fit into different genres, but when paired with singer Rene De La Muerte’s vocals, you see that they were written for rockabilly with a dark edge. The track “Stay Back” warns us “Stay back baby, I’m the wrong one, you know I ain’t no good for you, I got a bad reputation I’m a wild one, I ain’t the one to make your dreams come true”. This is the stand out track on the album, in my opinion. Listeners can expect to feel urges to move (as listeners of this genre usually want to) in crowds. “Give It All” describes exactly what the band did on that track, including their guitar licks, heavy drums and gang vocals in just the right places. While “Stay Back” shows us that the band is capable of writing deep lyrics, “Give It All” shows that the band is capable of holding it down on the musical front.
“The Monster Within” is the band’s fourth album, and if the albums preceding it are anything like this, then I would say that the band has earned its place among notable psychobilly acts such as Batmobile and Blood Sucking Zombies from Outer Space.

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