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Show 325

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Topics discussed include Philadelphia cheese steaks, Blink-182, charity and the show structure.  Last week’s fake escort ad pranks are continued by playing prank calls to the men who tried to hire the fake escort.  Classic prank calls are also played.  Show sponsored by Uber (get $20 for signing up now).  (Cast: Matthew, Santoro)

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Show 273

Matthew and Santoro host.  Topics discussed include the final days of Stickam, and learning how to use BlogTV.  Classic prank calls are played.  New music from How I Became Invisible.  The Stabcast Tumblr game is played.

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Show 261

Matthew and Santoro host.  Topics discussed include being without power last week, a fantasy sex league, Spider-Man, common intrests and forming a band.  Classic clips are played as well as a new song from How I Became Invisible.

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Show 237

Matthew and Santoro host.  Topics discussed include new movies, forming their comedy band, new press releases, the RIAA suing a kid and new ideas for prank call games.  Classic prank calls to Sister Sarah’s are played.

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Classic Photo with Robots and Racecars


As we’re getting ready to upgrade servers we came across this classic photo of Santoro and Jonesy with most of Robots and Racecars.

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