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Incomming callers finds out who Santoro is

People sometimes call int to the show.  In this case someone called in and they didn’t really know who they got connected to.  I decided to pull off his classic “my name is” bit and let them know just who I am. (more…)

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Hold Music Prank Call (Shannon)


This is one of my favorite calls that we have done on the show.  I called someone and pretended to be a delivery service attempting to deliver a package to their house.  The real goal of the call was to put them on hold so that we could play some hold music, that you wouldn’t […]

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The Stabcast Show 154

On this week’s show Santoro and Steel Tip talk about what they did in their week off and Taylor Momsen. The guys also continue their prank call challenge by calling Home Depot, The Gap and Little Caesar’s. A live caller calls in to talk about what really happens down south. Music on this show was […]

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The Stabcast – Show 130

Santoro starts the show off my himself and explains that Steel Tip is running late before talking about what will be happening on this show and what will happen after The Stabcast moves to its new studio. Break music provided by Boy Girl Sleepover. With Steel Tip joining Santoro the guys move on to talk […]

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