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Show 226

Matthew and Santoro host and talk about the revelance of Blink-182, come up with plans for heir local band bracket contest and discuss the most important leaked celebrity photos. 

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The Final 4

In case you have not been reading my posts the last few weeks and you missed The Stabcast you will be lost here.  Long story short, a few weeks ago I compiled a list of 64 celebrities and put them in 4 different divisions (movies, TV, music and other).  The match ups have been played based on current search trends and news trends.  You can read more about the details here: first post.

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Celebrity Challange – Round 2

In case you missed it by now, last week I started a celebrity challenge that will pin 64 celebrities divide into 4 divisions (TV, movies, music and other) against each other.  We played out first round, and explained the basic rules on last week’s The Stabcast.  If you didn’t hear it yet, here are the basic rules.  Celebrities were divided into their divisions and then seeded based on total web pages that mentioned their name (per Bing).  From there the winners are determined via most recent stats from Google Trends.  They get 1 point for recent search trends, and 1 point for recent news trends.  In the event of a tie Yahoo buzz is looked at and the person with the higher ranking wins be default.  Yahoo Buzz can also overrule the current decision if the person is in the top 20.

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