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Show 325

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Topics discussed include Philadelphia cheese steaks, Blink-182, charity and the show structure.  Last week’s fake escort ad pranks are continued by playing prank calls to the men who tried to hire the fake escort.  Classic prank calls are also played.  Show sponsored by Uber (get $20 for signing up now).  (Cast: Matthew, Santoro)

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Show 314

Matthew and Santoro host.  Topics discussed include YouNow issues, Blink 182, and Snapchat.  Viewer Youtube clips are played and live calls are taken.

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New Blink-182 EP: Dogs Eating Dogs – Streaming now!

Blink-182 Dogs Eating Dogs album art

Blink-182’s newest EP is about 30 minutes away from being released as I write this, so I’m sure all of the die-hard fans (most of you reading this) have already received your copy of the album, which is available at blink182.com.  However, if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, take a listen to the who […]

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Show 244

Matthew and Santoro host.  Topics discussed include how both the hosts are slobs, games played on The Stabcast, concerts, a review of the band Mixtapes and Blink 182 in their early days.  Alison, from Kick Back Tomorrow calls in and debuts a new song.

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All The Small Things cover by The Revolutionary War Soldiers


The Revolutionary War Soldiers are a historic band from Valley Forge, PA and actually made an exclusive track for The Stabcast. Here are The Revolutionary War Soldiers covering Blink 182’s song All The Small Things. (more…)

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Show 226

Matthew and Santoro host and talk about the revelance of Blink-182, come up with plans for heir local band bracket contest and discuss the most important leaked celebrity photos.  Audio Stream [audio:http://stabcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/The-Stabcast-Show-226.mp3|titles=The Stabcast – Show 226] Video Stream Download Links

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The Stabcast Show 192 video

Frankie, Matthew and Santoro do some live prank calls, discuss the new Blink -182 single (Up All Night), start a debate on if Facebook is good or not, talk about local music. Live calls are taken and the band Sienna is featured.

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